STS Wire Rope Hoist

STS is the wire rope manufacturer in Malaysia offering quality wire rope hoist for industrial use.


  • FEM 2M/M5 Grouping
  • Motor Duty 60%ED
  • Rope Reeving 4/2 fall (True Vertical Lift)
  • Zero displacement angle during hoisting and lowering motion
  • Generate zero side force
  • No. of star stops per hours is at 240 starts stops
  • Short time duty is at 30 min


Wire Rope Hoist

Extremity Limit Switch

An ultimate limit switch is incorporated into the hoist to prevent the cage from colliding to the motor room in the event the landing and over-travel limit switches are faulty.

Wire Rope Manufacturer in Malaysia

Wire Rope Manufacturer in Malaysia

Seratech Systems has been offering material handling solutions to our client since 2002. With years of experience, we have been recognized as the quality wire rope manufacturer in Malaysia where we produce and supplies our very own wire rope hoist with JKKP accreditation.

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