Goods Hoist Malaysia (Dumbwaiter)

Goods Hoist Malaysia

According to the Department Of Safety & Health (DOSH), each Goods Hoist maximum safe working load is 2000 kg, maximum cage size is 3.5m² and maximum travel distance is 12.0 m.

Each goods hoist must be incorporated with:

  • Drop prevention safety mechanism – Safety catch is installed to prevent an unforeseen accident such as wire rope snap, failure of hoist motor.
  • Door interlock system – Mechanical interlock is installed to ensure that the landing door does not open when the lift is in operation and when the lift is not on the respective floor.
  • Over-winding and lowering prevention system – Two sets of the limit switch is provided at the uppermost and lower floor to prevent the lift from over-winding and lowering.
  • Guide Shoe – To ensure the smooth running of the cage.
  • Overload protection – An electronic or mechanical overload protection device is installed to terminate the load being lifted up if the load is more than rated load.
  • Others – Collapsible gate or motorized vertical bi-parting door, Spring buffer, Lever arm and etc.
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Goods Hoist Malaysia


Goods Hoist Systems Main Components

1. Hoist Unit.

• FEM 2M/M5 Grouping • Motor Duty 60%ED • Rope Reeving 4/2 fall (True Vertical Lift) • Zero Displacement angle during hoisting and lowering motion. • Generated Zero side force. • No of stars stops per hours is at 240 starts stops. • Short-time duty is at 30min

2. Rope Guide

The device is installed on the rim of the drum of a hoist which given constant even pressure on the wire rope sitting firmly on the groove of the hoist drum to prevent the wire rope overlapping each other cause damages on the wire rope.

3. Pin Connector

All our hoists cables are using pin connector which gave a firmed connection and easy to trace the faulty connection of wire & maintenance. This pin type of connector having a better IP protection rating of 55.

4. PLC Unit

• Omron Programmable Logical Control unit • Small in physical size made space efficiency. • Cost-effective in wiring by only required a single programmable logic controller to run various function controls. • Easy correcting errors or changing in circuit design or sequence by retyping logic. Extremely short time required and cost-effective. • Running PLC program, a visual operation can be seen on screen.  Hence troubleshooting a circuit is easy, quick and simple.

5. Limit Switch

• All level, over travelling and door limit switches are using Omron Brand roller actuator which prevents from spattering adhering. • A baking finishing is applied to the surface of the operating lever So that any adhering spatter is easily removed.

6. Extremity Limit Switch

An ultimate limit switch is incorporated into the hoist to prevent the cage from colliding to the motor room in the event the landing and over-travel limit switches are faulty.

7. Goods Hoist Buttons Panel

• Our push-button panel has resembled passenger lift panel. • All push-button panels are incorporated with LED display and emergency push button.

8. Safety Catch

• The safety catch is custom made design in a pair for goods hoist system as a fall prevention device located on top of the cage. • In the event of wire rope snap or loose in winding drum, the safety catch will activate instantly and catch or jammed on the guide rail by the cam in the safety catch, thus hold the cage from free fall. • Each safety catch has a holding force of 2.5ton

9. Guide Shoes

• There are 2 pairs of durable Teflon guide shoes provided in a goods hoist system. Each pair located on the top and bottom of cage respectively. • The guide shoes are the sliding parts between the cage and the guide rail which guiding the cage running up and down smoothly and steadily.