Goods Hoist

Goods Hoist Supplier Malaysia

According to Department Of Safety & Health (DOSH), each goods hoist maximum safe working load is 2000 kg, maximum cage size is 3.5m² and maximum travel distance is 12.0 m.

Each goods hoist must incoporate with:

  • Drop prevention safety mechanism
    Safety catch is installed to prevent unforeseen accident such as wire rope snap, failure of hoist motor.
  • Door interlock system
    Mechanical interlock is installed to ensure that the landing door do not open when the lift is in operation and when the lift is not at the respective floor.
  • Over-winding and lowering prevention system
    Two sets of limit switch is provided at upper most and lower floor to prevent the lift from over-winding and lowring.
  • Guide Shoe
    To ensure smooth running of cage
  • Overload protection
    An electronic or mechanical overload protection device is installed to terminate the load being lifted up if the load is more than rated load.
  • Others
    Collapcible gate or motorized vertical bi-parting door, Spring buffer, Lever arm and etc.
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