Electrical Overhead Travelling Crane

Overhead Crane Malaysia

Single Girder Electronic Overhead Travelling Crane (S/G EOTC)

Single Girder cranes are the most widely used crane. The low headroom monorail hoist mounted on the single girder construction offers a compact design which will maximize high hook position with a crane that is both economical and reliable.

Double Girder Electrical Overhead Travelling Crane (D/G EOTC)

This crane design is the ideal solution in buildings where short headroom is important. Apart from being double girder design. The concept is very much like that of the MONO BEAN design.

  • Cross and long travel limit switches.
  • Anti collision devices.
  • Service platforms
  • Walkways
  • Electronic weighing device
  • Lift span and load registering devices
  • Stepless control of all motions
  • Remote control systems, radio or infrared
  • Magnet system
  • Vacuum equipment
  • Lifting yoke
  • Safety warning devices (audio/visual)
  • Other safety equipment, which may be called for Crane runway, rails and downshop electrical supply systems
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