Customized Crane Solutions

Customized Crane Solutions

Special Head Room Hoist, KBK System & High-Lifting Curve Monorail System

With our expertise and skills, Seratech Systems able to offer customized crane solutions for our client who’re facing issues where conventional crane and hoist cannot solve. These customized crane solutions help our client to solve their unique problem while saving cost and increase their efficiency in workflow.

Special Design Overhead Crane Solutions

For existing Low Factory Building Height

Customized 5ton double rails compact headroom hoist with trolley rail welded on the web section of crane girder to accommodate into existing 6m building height, achieved client’s required lifting height of 5.2m without raising the building structure.


5 Ton Double Rails Compact Headroom Hoist


Another lifting solution for low building headroom, named KBK system. KBK is a system with a low profile and light weight modular design for rail and main girder. This compact figuration made it easy to install, manoeuvre and imparted an optimum utilization of available space; especially for low building headroom factory. This system has resolved a spatial challenge for a building height of 4.1m to achieve a hook path / lifting height of 3.2m.

High lifting Curve Monorail Systems

Another solution to Reduce the burden of Tower Crane operation: By customized a Curve loop High lifting #Monorail System to facilitate installing glass panels work at high rise curve building during construction times. This tailor-made system is intended to allow the hoist carrying the glass panel stroll on the curve monorail runway beam travel paralleling the outline of the building to the respective installation spots or positions. This customization idea is to save the idle time of queuing for tower crane facility especially during peak periods, hence; increased the efficiency of work.

Theater Hoist

 We customized a detachable lattice design Aluminum light weight stage structure complete with 4 units Theater Hoists mounted at 4 columns respectively for a reputed corporate at Sunway.

These 4 units hoists are special architect with selective mode control in Individual or synchronize methods. With the synchronize control, the roof frame will lifts up simultaneously by 4 unit hoists. This manner of lifting control will result in cost effective by saving time and minimized the installation labor. All the electrical controls are amalgamated in a portable “Protector Case” which are designed rugged for harshest environments and water resistant.

Tailor-Make “Scissor” Attachment

A customized monorail system complete with a tailor-make “scissor” attachment for transferring a car chassis to a bending machine for wheel hub bending process in a reputed car assembly plant at Melaka. With this special make “scissor” attachment, we had successfully solve the pendulum issue during loading and unloading the car Chassis from the bending machine.

5 Ton Double Rails Compact Headroom Hoist

Light Weight Aluminum Rail Track System

Another solution system to resolve the required hoisting system’s hook path or hook travel in a spatially challenged area with building height of 4.6m to obtain a lifting height of 4m by using our Lightweight Aluminum Rail Track System with customized hoist trolley.

The Aluminum Rail track system is designed for low track profile. As the system is a low track profile design, it reduces the required building headroom and increases the hoist’s hook travel distance. Hence, further enhance the lifting height in a confined area; we customized a hoist trolley as per fig. 1 & 2, which rise up the suspension point of hoist thus improved the hook travel distance.

Vacuum Lifter

We tailor made an electric vacuum lifter to ease the handling of material to designated location or loading onto machines. The vacuum lifter can be designed to meet the requirement of turning the material position from horizontal to vertical orientation for easy charging on the machine.

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